Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Paris's engaged with Latsis

Monday on their Web site, People magazine broke the news. The heiress's spokesperson Rob Shuter said the pair are happy and excited about the announcement, according to The Associated Press. It will be the first marriage for both although no wedding date has been set yet. Latsis (27) proposed to Hilton (24) on Wednesday after The Simple Life star returned from a three-week European publicity tour to pump her horror flick remake, House of Wax and her new fragrance.The couple had an engagement barbecue on Saturday for 75 friends and family at their Hollywood Hills home.

After a past relationship with a Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter, Paris hilton told Us Weekly,
I'm so in love and grateful to have found such an honest and loyal person. I feel like we were meant to be, and I'm happy to have found someone to spend the rest of my life with.
Latsis called Hilton the most beautiful woman I've ever met and said he feels like the luckiest man in the world.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Paris Hilton's advice

Everything works up for the heiress Paris Hilton. First, because she has been dating Paris Latsis from December ( article ), a relantion that she is very happy with it; and also because, not long ago she has launched her new perfume and a make-up range that is expected to follow this year. Paris declared she is very proud of makeing her own money, even though her father is the grandson of the Hilton hotel chain's founder Conrad Hilton.
The beautiful blond also has screen projects, like the successful reality TV show The Simple Life and acting in a horror movie House of Wax.
Making my own money feels better than anything. I've always grown up with money and I've never really thought about it. It was just something which was around. But I'm not one of these people who's like, 'Oh I only wear designer clothes.' If I go to a thrift store and see a cool dress for $5, why not? she added
For those interesting in Paris's secrets, she gives a good advice concerning one of the tips in a strong romance, because like she said there is nothing worse then look "easy".
Don't let a man kiss you for at least a week. And try to hold him off for a month. Playing hard to get is very important so that men don't think you're easy ( she advice )

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Paris's crush on 50 Cent

The Fox News quoted the heiress Paris Hilton as saying at the premiere of her debut film House of Wax revealed that she has a crush on 50 CENT
He's so cool. Apparently he's really funny and he's so cute too, and I love his music. I think he would be the best boyfriend a girl could wish for.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Paris Too Hot!

Conservative groups have led an unprecedented charge for the federal government to take more aggressive steps to keep questionable content off the airwaves, since Janet Jackson bared most of her breast on national television at the Super Bowl.
Now, their the attention is on Paris's clip of a commercial for the Carl'’s Jr. fast-food chain in which the swimsuit-clad celebutante devours a hamburger while washing a Bentley. There aren't images to turn you on but, the director executive Tim Winter from Parent Television Concil ( PTC - an influential broadcast-decency group ) consideres that the ad:
...meets the exact definition of pornography. Families shouldn't have to be subjected to that.

Paris Hilton looks for funny ones

The heiress Paris who is dating Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis, Paris's true love ( article ) said that now her new choice in partners are the funny ones. She values above good looks a pleasing personality and a good sense of humour.

I just want someone who is loyal to me, who treats me well and loves me, is funny and makes me laugh. They don't even have to be cute. When I was younger I just wanted to date all the hot guys, but now I'm just like, these people are not going to be beautiful forever and it doesn't matter. -she said-

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Paris hates her body?

Apparently Paris Hilton dose not like the sight of her own body.
Paris is a very hunted woman, doesn't seem the complex tip. It is very hard to believe, that she doesn't like her body considering her famous homemade movies with his ex-boyfriend, not mention the latest where Paris claims stripping off in a new movie House of Wax.
It looks like she suffered a terrifying panic attack while making big-screen debut she said:

Oh my God! I had a panic attack when we started shooting 'House Of Wax'. It was a night shoot and I was so nervous.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Paris Hilton vs. iPod Shuffle

If you have a shuffle and you like Paris Hilton and especially her dresses, then it's perfect! You can dress your iPod shuffle and make it look fancy like the heiress, from a special summer Paris Hilton Collection.
Three different colour ways Paris Baby Blue, Paris Tangerine & Paris Grass Green for "the shuffle lovers" at a very small price.

Paris Hilton & Nick Carter

Back again in the eyes of the media Paris Hilton and Nick Carter. Recently on Edmonton, Alberta, station 96X, on a show called "The Canadian Hit 30 Countdown", the heiress was asked to compare the new boyfriend Paris L with her ex-boyfriend Nick Carter where she responded:
"Night and day. He's not using me for anything ... he's not a disgusting pig, sorry."

It wasn't long before Carter's replay showed up saying that Hilton
"should take a look in the mirror." "I kind of have to brush it off my shoulders, because she's very immature..."
"The problem with Paris is that she thrives off of hurting other people, and it's not just me."

Kevin Richardson, a Backstreet Boys member, added that he had to ask Paris to stop with these negative comments before he starts to do the same thing about her. They certainly do not appreciate Paris's comments.

Paris says no more Party Shoes

Partys, partys, partys... there were good till recently because "Paris the heiress" has decided that she wants to take her life , more like it her career seriously. So because of that, she plans to launch a make-up lines, a men's fragrance, an energy drink and a chair boutique hotels.
It seems that her main inspirations are the star Sean P Daddy Combs and Donald Trumb (a man that managed very well in the business world).

"I don’t want to be known as this Hilton hotel girl my whole life. I want to make my own name."

From now on, more work for Paris Hilton and less party shoes, at list for the moment or, until her "empire" is built.

Paris Hilton & Paris Latsis

We might say that Paris Hilton is in a very interesting part of her life. For the first time she said that there is after all a guy that does not want her precious money. He is a Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis and they are together for some months now.

“"The relationship is very serious. We live together, we're still in love. We're gonna get married and have kids and be together. We're soul mates, I'm so happy. I've never been this happy in my life. This is like amazing. I know he's the one."

It seems that the beautiul Paris is very happy, she wants a solid relationship with her soul mate.

Paris Strip Poker

There is a site on internet where you can find the famous Paris Hilton as main character in a Java game for cell phones. It seems that the game (Paris Strip Poker) can be bough only in Norway.
The site contains also wallpapers, animations and videoclips for those who are into Paris Hilton.

Paris indeed

  • Known as "Paris the Heiress", Hilton made a name for herself as a party-hopping socialite early in the 21st century. Born on 17 February 1981, United States, she is the great-granddaughter of hotel magnate Conrad Hilton, granddaughter of Barron Hilton, grand-niece of Nicholas Conrad "Nicky" Hilton (the one-time husband of Elizabeth Taylor) and daughter of real estate magnate Rick Hilton. Posted by Hello