Saturday, February 25, 2006

Paris Hilton Lesbian Sex Tape?

Paris Hilton Grammy

It has been claimed that Paris Hilton made a lesbian sex tape with a Playboy star Nicole Lenz. Hilton allegedly made the "horniest videotape of all time" with Playboy beauty Nicole Lenz, pleasured each other with sex toys. This is not Paris Hilton's only sex video tape as she 'unintentionally' starred in X-rated home video 'One Night In Paris' with ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon. Paris and Nicole had checked into a $500-a-night suite at the Bellagio Hotel, in Las Vegas, after a night out partying when things got hot, I bet you all want to see Paris lesbian sex tape over and over again...

The moment we were in the room Paris had only one thing on her mind - sex. We lied down on a king size bed and took it in turns to play with each other. It wasn't long before we were naked and rolling around together. We just pleasured each other for hours, recording it all. Paris had brought all manner of sex toys - to make sure we didn't miss out on anything simply because there was no man in bed with us!
- Lenz is quoted in News of the World newspaper -


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Paris Hilton hires Pussycat Dolls founder

Paris Hilton Fashion Week

According to the news, Paris Hilton hires Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin as her choreographer, in order to give her upcoming pop career a sexy boost by working on Paris Hilton's videos and live appearances. We all know the blonde celebrity Paris Hilton needs a raunchy imagine, like the Pussycat Dolls has, her decision is no surprise for us.

In other celebrity news, Paris Hilton has asked British designer Julien Macdonald to make her wedding dress to wear it, when and if she will finally decides to marry. A wedding dress will be made if Paris Hilton - who was engaged to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis and is now dating another Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos - wants to marry or more like if some Greek shipping heir will ask her.

The celebrity Paris Hilton was the star of the fashion show finale, walking down the catwalk dressed in MacDonald's wedding dress and matching veil.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Paris Hilton diamond necklace on catwalk at London Fashion Week


Paris Hilton, rarely shy of publicity, shined at London Fashion Week with earrings and diamond necklace by Swiss jeweller de Grisogono, worth $3.5 million. The blonde celebrity Paris Hilton - who is known for a sexually explicit video - opened the show of Julien MacDonald's collection in a black and white diamond heart necklace which she wore. The necklace and earrings were designed by exclusive Swiss jeweler de Grisogono.

The heiress Paris Hilton, who is estimated to have made almost $7 million last year in personal appearance alone, also has her own range of fashion accessories and recently published her autobiography. I wonder who much she worth without her fortune and diamonds as last year in December, Paris Hilton unveiled her limited-edition watch collection. At the event Hilton wore a $100,000, diamond-encrusted watch from the collection, named simply Paris Hilton. The lavish watches has more than 1,000 diamonds each and show the five time zones.


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Paris Hilton attacked by Peta anti-fur activists

Paris Hilton

The blonde celebrity Paris Hilton has been attacked by animal rights group People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). An anti-fur activists ambushed Paris Hilton last night as she made her way to a London Fashion Week after-show party with designer Julien Macdonald. However, according to the news, PETA protestors weren't after Paris Hilton - they were out to attack Welsh MacDonald for his "relentless use of fur".

Julien MacDonald may have been able to ignore images of bloody skinned animals gasping for breath in the past, but hopefully a dash of flour will help him rise to the occasion and forsake fur once and for all.
- PETA Europe's Yvonne Taylor says -

Meanwhile, in other celebrity news German men's magazine "Maxim", which features photographs of Paris Hilton in erotic poses, awarded her with the "It Girl" prize during a news conference with an energy company Hilton promotes. Paris Hilton didn't forgot to mention that she now wants red Ferrari for her birthday.

I think that I'm a real person, I like to have fun, I'm a good person. I live a life that is fun to watch and I think people are interested in that. Hilton added.
- Paris Hilton said after she was asked why she got the award -


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Restraining order against Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

The producer Quintana got the restraining order Tuesday against celebrity Paris Hilton, ordering her to stay away him who alleged she threatened and harassed him. On December 29th, Brian Quintana filed paperwork to obtain a restraining order against Paris Hilton - for threatened his life - and now the Superior Court Commissioner Tim Murphy approved the restraining order after he testified against the blonde celebrity.

Quintana said that he has known Paris Hilton for three years and was the person who introduced her to Stavros Niarchos in September, 2004. The producer said that all started after she interrupted a conversation in which Quintana was urging Niarchos to reconsider dating her.

On the other side Paris Hilton spokesman Elliot Mintz said the celebrity was happy to keep distance between herself and Quintana.

In other celebrity news, many of Paris Hilton’s personal items are being sold for a reported asking price of $20 million.


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Fake Paris Hilton Fools Fashion Week

Fake Paris Hilton

A fake Paris Hilton has fooled a number events at Fashion Week in New York City. Natalie Reid, a 21-year-old model, tricked representatives of fashion designer Nicole Miller into giving her a front row seat next to rocker David Lee Roth during their fashion show Friday night. It seems the fake Paris Hilton, who loves her resemblance to the hotel heiress, enjoys her life as she goes parties, earning between $750 and $2,000 an appearance and having no problem fooling people.

I just put on something really cute and put on some make-up. It's so easy.[..] She was right in front of me with her new boyfriend. She turned around, and she giggled, and she was like, 'Oh you look so much like me. That's so hot.'
- Natalie Reid tells the New York Post -

More pictures with the fake Paris Hilton


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Paris Hilton Personal Items for $20 Million

Paris Hilton

According to the news, many of Paris Hilton's personal items are being sold for a reported asking price of $20 million. It seems Paris Hilton "was moving from one house to another house" when personal belongings - included clothing, videotapes and private diaries - have been removed without the socialite's permission.

Although Paris Hilton is known because of an infamous homemade videotape with Rick Solomon a few years back, apparently the pictures and videos mostly consist of "private photos of Paris with her friends and family", meaning that there is not anything of a sexual nature.

David Hans Schmidt – who is involved with celebrity porn – wants to sell the items at auction with an asking price of $20 million, the Los Angeles Times reports in its Friday morning editions.


Saturday, February 04, 2006

Paris Hilton To Present Pre-Brit Awards Show


The heiress Paris Hilton will be chatting with celebrities as they enter London Earl’s Court Arena on ITV2’s ‘The Red Carpet’, this month at Brit Awards and will be paid $180,000 for doing it. Paris will co-present the Red Carpet on ITV2 alongside seasoned presenters Dave Berry and Holly Willoughby.

In other celebrity news, Kelly Osborne is shocked by how much of a "bad influence" Paris Hilton is on pre-teen girls attempting to ape her sex kitten style.

Meanwhile, if you weren't shocked enough, Paris Hilton had some revelations during a pre-trial hearing for her libel case, in which she is accused of planting a fake story in America's New York Post newspaper. It seems Paris didn't know London was in the UK and according to her everyone in Europe spoke French. The sexy socialite also confessed she struggles to remember the names of her friends because she meets so many people. That's sad...