Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Three 6 Mafia Recording With Paris Hilton

Three 6 Mafia

Oscar-Winning Rappers Three 6 Mafia say they are producing and recording tracks with Paris Hilton. According to the news, Houston, told a Memphis newspaper by telephone that the Hip-Hop group - Three 6 Mafia - was in a Los Angeles recording studio with the hotel heiress and reality TV star Paris Hilton. Is no surprise, because since the Hip-Hop group won the Oscar for best original song for "It's Hard out Here for a Pimp" from the film "Hustle & Flow," not only that Three 6 Mafia have received all sort of requests but also will receive a key to the Memphis city.

We ran into her at a William Morris Agency party and she said she liked our song `Stay Fly' and asked could we work with her.
- said Jordan a member of the hip-hop group -


Paris Hilton Opens Night Club

6Paris Hilton

The hieress Paris Hilton has opened a new night club in Florida. Paris, who already owns a club in Orlando called Club Paris, wants to own a whole chain of night clubs, that is why the second Club Paris will open in Jacksonville on July 1st. To attract investors Paris Hilton has agreed to appear at the new club twice each month.

Leaving the clubs behind, in other celebrity news, Paris Hilton is single again after dumping Greek billionaire Stavros Niarchos - who is due to inherit $275 million when he turns 21 in April. It is said that Paris Hilton's ex, Paris Latsis, reportedly wants her back - but his parents won't let him.


Sunday, April 02, 2006

Paris and Nicky Hilton in TV Animated Series?

Nicky and Paris Hilton

Exactly what we need! The sisters Paris and Nicky Hilton are reportedly set to make a cartoon about their lives. Like we didn't know enough already about them (especially Paris), the two are said to be drawing up plans for an animated series for US television. You know.. kids are going to watch that! According to a report in Britain's The Sun newspaper, Paris Hilton - who already stars in reality TV show 'The Simple Life - has met with TV heads to discuss the project.

In other celebrity news, although Paris Hilton failed to set the box office with her first big screen outing, teen-horror movie 'House Of Wax'. The hotel heiress insisted she is easily as talented as the Oscar-winner Charlize Theron, who won the Best Actress prize for her performance in 'Monster', and said the pair would soon be competing for the same roles.


Paris Hilton split from Stavros Niarchos, back with Paris Latsis?

Paris Hilton Elton Party

Paris Hilton has split from boyfriend Stavros Niarchos - and is reportedly now in the arms of ex-fiance Paris Latsis. The hotel heiress reportedly dumped boyfriend Stavros Niarchos - because she got sick of him constantly speaking in Greek. The idea is that Paris Hilton ended her relationship with the shipping heir earlier this month and in present she wants to rekindle her romance with ex-fiance, Paris Latsis.

The blonde heiress Paris Hilton split from Latsis last year after he failed to tell his parents they were getting married. The question is if Paris Latsis is back in the picture? I honestly doubted, but that if he is man enough and if she has some dignity left.

Stavros was with a Greek friend, and Paris was freaking out because she couldn't understand what they were saying. She thought they were laughing at her.
- a source tells America's Life and Style Weekly magazine -

The two Parises spent most of the evening together, head to head and laughing in the corner. It certainly looked like they had a lot of catching up to do - they were getting pretty close and personal.
- an onlooker tells Britain's Mirror newspaper -